Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year?

I sit here, and I'm listening to Ryan Seacrest blabbering on the tv; glass of cran-mango juice and bubbly, and I'm reflecting over 2016.

It hasn't been easy! I'm not sure if it's getting older, or if it was just a shitty year in general. I've seen loss from so many that I love, and lost a few that I loved so dearly. I've seen anger and hatred, violence and ignorance. 2016 was NOT a good year.

The gratitude that I DO have, the blessings that were plenty for my family.... they just sit in the shadows of the fear, the ridiculous behavior I've had to ignore just to get through the day. I am not proud to admit that several nights I would drink just to fall asleep and not feel angst toward society.
I let the media and the idiots and the trolls get to me; being super sensitive (and I mean in an empathic way, not the "snowflakes" that you all call out and make fun of....), it just seems easier to put my head under a pillow. I had hoped when I pulled my head out, all of the idiots would be gone, and the world would be right again? BOY, was that just STUPID of me!

SO, 2017 proves to hold so much potential. I won't fall into the pit of darkness that I did this year past! I am going to rope this puppy and take off! My Scentsy business is taking off in a GREAT way, my girls are AMAZING, I have a new nephew on the way, and I realize that I have more family than I'd thought! NO negativity, I am washing that out of my life again. I did it right after Camilla was born, and it did my life wonders. It's true what they say....

Happy 2017; let's make this year full of potential and love!