Friday, March 11, 2016

Pets, Pets, Pets

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For a while now, Camilla has been adamant on getting another pet! We lost Chloe WAY back in March of 2012, and then Dave just last year. Our home is still full of fur with 3 dogs. There's been a rescued animal here and there, but Camilla's little heart is just missing something?

She's asked for fish, lizards, snakes and even more cats....  Lately, it's been hermit crabs!

I know this site is from PETA, but (at least in my head) it makes a very good point.

The biggest thing that stuck out to me, of ALL these, is how these crabs are used to living in a HUGE population (which MUST make it easier for the harvesters to just swoop in and collect an entire community in one effort). So, even to buy 2 to 5, that isn't going to cut it. Will the crabs still be miserable having so few, when they are used to being dozens and dozens.

I used to think I was rescuing animals when I bought them from a pet store, but it's actually just prolonging their agonizing life. Not to mention, it's keeping these chain stores in business of selling animals that may be coming from a "not so great" life. In return, this is keeping the puppy mills and other bad breeders in cash.

It will break her heart, but I must find a way to tell my eldest little that these guys are better left to the waters!