Friday, August 7, 2015

We are monsters..... (And they're taking over my house!)

Am I talking about my two beautiful girls? NO.... I have become obsessed with Monster High. My eldest fell in love with them about 2 years ago, and I fought it like no tomorrow. Scantily clad teenage girls, short skirts, tight clothing, HIGH heels.... "NOT appropriate for a kid who's almost 4!", I told myself.

I found a doll on clearance, with a special discount, around Easter. Shopping at Target, while the hubby watched Camilla, I found "13 Wishes" Draculaura for only 10.00. She was fully clothed, and she was actually pretty. I stuck it in my cart, from Mr. Easter Bunny, along with a few sweet treats. She LOVED that doll.... I purchased a Sweet 1600 Frankie for her birthday that same year. Before I knew it, I was searching for deals ALL over. Boy did I find them!

My child now has (probably) close to 50 dolls, if NOT more. I haven't counted them lately. BUT, my personal "stash" consists of around 20. I have 10 dolls that I am holding onto for customs. I have 10 or 12 dolls put up for gifts! THIS IS OUT OF CONTROL! I even bought a used doll for my 17 month old- she admires her sister's dolls with such wide-eyed amazement. Gray loves that Twyla doll with all her little heart.

We are a group of girls (some of us older than others), and we all can share in this awesomeness that is Monster High!

And, can I just share with those of you who still follow and KNOW me.... There was a YOGA Lagoona released! Yes, of COURSE I own her! ;)

**I will update with pictures, but most of Mia's dolls are packed up right now, because we are painting her room soon.**

Thanks for still following, and I have every intention of blogging like I used to in the future! <3 p="">