Saturday, January 3, 2015

ALL NATURAL doesn't mean you don't need to MAINTAIN!

ALL-NATURAL doesn’t mean you can’t have an allergic or adverse reaction to the product! It means “made from ALL natural (NOT man-made {chemical}) ingredients!

Stop ostracizing a product because of a reaction to a NATURAL substance….

In this rant, I am speaking more of “Hyland’s Natural Relief Teething Tablets”. They saved MY CHILD many nights of pain! HAVE ANY OF YOU actually put Orajel in your mouth? IT BURNS… and not just for a second, and then numbs…. IT BURNS- your tongue, your mouth…. And then after about 5 minutes, there is a numb (after the FUNKY taste and the AWFUL burning). Do ANY of you actually TEST anything you give your kids BEFORE you give it to them?!!??

I am not an anal, over-bearing mother (by any means). I AM, however, the mother that checks her child’s happy meal before I let them have it, I take a drink from their juice box before they drink it, I check ALL candy and fruit and anything else they eat BEFORE they eat it! Germaphobe, no, safe mommy- you bet YOUR ASS!

STOP ranting about how AWFUL something natural (and EFFECTIVE) is because “mommy government” is telling you that you have to feed your kids Tylenol and Benadryl and whatever else “chemical” ridden CRAP you feed your kids…. Don’t RUIN it for those of us who like being “natural” and who monitor what we give our kids. There are LOTS of moms I have PERSONALLY heard confess they give their kids Benadryl just to make them SLEEP! NOT because of ALLERGIES (which is WHAT that junk is for).

My girls eat LOTS of FRESH fruits and veggies; I pride myself on home cooking to avoid fast food and processed food. Don’t make excuses; either you care or you don’t. There are 24 usable hours in a day, if I can sleep for 10 straight hours with my girls, and still keep them healthy- YOU can work and come home and put in 2 hours to cook for them! Even if you are a single, working mommy- YOU can do this. All it takes is ONE day to cook for the whole week. And don’t give me this “frozen dinners are cheaper than fresh veggies” crap! It’s NOT TRUE.

I am on a FIXED income when it comes to groceries… I DON’T buy junk, I DON’T buy processed (boxed) meals, at worse I DO buy my girls Goldfish. They like them… it’s our “fast food” or “candy”. It’s our one “gluttonous” indulgence. They are easy for my 9 month old to grasp and snack, I like them, and so does my 5 year old. I am NOT overbearing, we just monitor and maintain.

Stop blaming a company that has been around for decades… that strives to give those of us who CARE what chemicals our kids are consuming for a REACTION your child had. DO YOUR RESEARCH and look into family allergies and reactions to things! Bees could kill me, but I still love honey! Do you understand?

I’m just tired of parents pointing fingers at a company that is successful, and has TONS of reviews from parents praising their product. Maybe some of these people didn’t give their kids the recommended dosage (OR AGAIN), maybe their kids had a reaction to a product in the tablets…. DO YOUR RESEARCH- CARE about your KIDS, not just what you can feed them to give YOU a few minutes of relief!

**climbs off of soap box**

Mommy of TWO little girls (one 5 (AND GREW UP on HYLAND’S products) and one 9 months who WILL grow up on them!))