Saturday, April 27, 2013

The "skinny" of it!

Mind you, I don't need to "lose weight", but I DO need to lose inches and get myself BACK in shape!

I've already wrecked today, because I ate bread & butter pickles and cheddar cheese on whole wheat crackers for breakfast! Starting tomorrow morning, it's back to juicing and eating as much whole foods as possible!

Things in life recently have left me with feeling sorry for myself, and I was having a little too much "pity party" time. I have slacked in things that I shouldn't have let go of.... and my lil girl has been the ONLY thing that's really kept me from falling apart entirely. Starting NOW, it is my job to teach her positivity in life and to be the VERY BEST MOMMY I can be to her!

I have let go of my writing, of my art, of my business.... CHANGE is GOOD! It has to happen, and I have to quit letting life make me feel insignificant! It's just not true, and I am the handler here, not fate or fear or another person!

Anyone who wants to follow; I'll be posting RAW photos of my progress. My intention is to inspire others who want to get healthy, NOT necessarily SKINNY! I'll post recipes, my workouts.... I may even try to post videos of my yoga routines on here for you to follow.