Monday, July 30, 2012

Time to pamper and time to Reflect

I am going to make sure I post AT LEAST once a week, but I'd love to get to where I'm posting something about BC, something about yoga, and then maybe even a recipe or 2 a week! I am setting goals for myself now, and I am going to persevere!

This morning, I've decided I need to detox; bad thing is, HOW do I do that with a toddler around me constantly? She is in this "I don't wanna eat" phase right now as it is....I am scared that she will see me "not eating" and this will start a bad trend? Smoothies could be our friend, I guess?

My goals for the week: Book ONE spa for August, find a place where I can teach a yoga class for "tips", get my bedroom looking more like a romantic spa retreat! So, having posted that.... time to go clean!  :)



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Gigi Henson said...

BC = BeautiControl ;)

Rhythm said...

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