Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's Been a While!

I hate my spastic posting lately! (When I say lately, I'm talking about the past 2 years too!)

Since my last post, and almost 2 weeks to the day, I've been laid off from work! I've been looking for work as a yoga instructor, but I've also recently taken on selling BeautiControl. I've been staying home with Camilla since, to save money from daycare. We're saving over 700.00  a month not having her in daycare, not to mention the doctor visits from her getting sick while IN daycare!

If I can get my child settled, I can teach private yoga classes out of my house (like a one-on-one session). Right now, she just gets CRAZY when we have company! I'm also hoping to get consults from home for BeautiControl; we'll see how everything pans out?

If ANYONE out there wants to order some AMAZING skin care stuff, I'll happily suggest BeautiControl AND not just because I sell it! Everything I have personally tried is amazing. I will always be honest; BeautiControl is the type of company that won't talk you into it because we work off commission! They are the type of people who proudly STAND behind their products and want you to stand out in the crowd!

So, get in touch if you want to order anything....they hyperlink in the paragraph above will take you to the products page!

I will have plenty of time for posting yummy recipes, lots of pictures and maybe a little gossip now!



Grant said...

Sorry to hear about all your troubles but nice to know your still alive.

I'll be sure to pass the word on about your product.

Gigi Henson said...

Thanks so much, Grant...

Good to hear from you again too ;)

Grant said...

I forgot it won't let me log in for some reason so I haven't gotten a notification for this one.

I check here everyday for new entries. Hope I don't have to wait as long for the next entry. ; )

Network Ace said...

nice work...keep it up