Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ANOTHER bug is biting!

Great Smokies @ 1135am
I do it every year, but I have the itch this morning. It was beautiful and sunny; I put on a long, flowing skirt and a "springtime"  top....and wouldn't you know it, they were mowing in the business park! It was fate that I felt the tingle of spring! While walking into my building, I could smell the fresh-cut grass SO fragrant in the warmth of the sun.

I guess with all of the crazy storms setting us up for "tornado season" already, the itch started a little earlier than normal. But, if Mother Nature says it's time, then spring IS only a matter of days away! That's not to say we won't still have chilly nights, but I'm calling it out on no ice or snow....




Grant said...

Wish I was there myself, Though I've noticed it's gotten warmer here as well.