Tuesday, January 24, 2012

WOW :)

I know I have a few people that just appreciate my quirky, scatterbrained self, but I MUST give a quick "shout out" to Grant.... I think this man has officially read EVERY post on my blog in under a week AND commented on them!

Grant, I will try my damnedest (LOL & I know that isn't correct grammar) to answer any and ALL questions you asked me. It will take me a few days to sift through all of the comments. I read a big portion of them, but I'll get back to you in one blog about all of your questions!  ;)

Thanks again, to all of those who follow me and who've been patient. I know that I've fallen flat on blogging every day, but I'm hoping to get back to it. Writing is one of my truest outlets and I love it so! Everyone says it, but so few mean it....I TOTALLY appreciate you!

She was beating up her Pop-Pop because he wouldn't listen to her!



Anonymous said...

Lolololol, thanks for the shout out. That really makes my week if i can get you to comment again, i honestly wasn't expecting you to notice or even care since most of the blogs i follow usually don't.

I really took my chances here since i was afraid you would get freaked out by all my comments. I haven't talked to you in ages but i remember you always being nice and never having any problems with you, which i can't say about many of my friends.

Take your time with the replies because sometimes you were so straightfoward that i could only respond with some lame two word reply. Also, i had no idea how many entries you made. I thought you only had a few since for some reason it kept skipping when i hit back.

I also responded on your baby one too, if you ever get bored. Just happy to be all caught up now and appreciated for my support. : )