Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When comfort levels become Dangerous?

This sums it up for me!

And a truer statement could not exist! I look back, look at people I've met over the years, look at situations that develop, and it scares me a little. Have I settled for anything I currently have in my life? NO, I can say that and have NO doubts! Why? I have had to fight for or work REALLY hard for pretty much everything that I have right now; relationship, daughter, even most of the material possessions. Therefore, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I have never settled! Maybe in the past, maybe when I was young....but then I just didn't understand the concept.

Your happiness should never be replaced because of comfort! I say this, because as a "people observer", I notice when a man and a woman are staring at each other. I look at the way they look into each others eyes; I want to know if it's love, lust, hatred....

Once upon a time, I worried that Wayne was settling for me! I thought, he's ready to settle down, he knows I am too....that's why he's with me. I'm not his "mythical creature"; I'm not "THE ONE" that makes his heart ache at the thought of being without me. I am a totally self-conscious person, by the way. ;) This honestly ate at me for years, and I know it drove Wayne crazy!

I am so afraid for people sometimes, not even in their relationships, but in life itself. There is NO way to explain, or to make someone understand it....YOU simply cannot settle because you are in a comfortable place in life. DO NOT confuse comfort for happiness. Later in life, you will regret it! Not to mention how badly you may hurt someone your with right now.

A couple meets; both have found it hard to meet someone that makes them smile, that makes them feel normal. And then, they find a person....this person is nice, not shabby on the eyes, and they feel comfortable around each other. So they date a few times, realizing each time that they aren't together, the loneliness sets in. Should they call just to say hi? And then the phone rings...."I was just thinking about you," he says. It makes her heart leap, and suddenly she "thinks" she's in love with him. Thus the journey begins, the relationship gets a little stale after a few months, but they continue to hold on out of that fear of being alone.

It happens more often than you realize, people! FIGHT for what you want; FIGHT for what you believe in; FIGHT, so that if tomorrow becomes your last day, you won't regret your yesterdays!



Anonymous said...

Most of my friends have settled, like being in debt it has become an american tradition and our media emergesthis with bridal magazines And such.

But i always the freak that never did. I would honestly rather die alone than be stuck in a loveless relationship like most people out there.

Being legally and financially obligated to someone i can't stand or only mildly like is worse than death to me. It's a form of slavery.

I would rather truly be in love with someone even if i was just their friend than have some sham marriage or family based in deciet.

Anonymous said...

Encorages this, rather. Stupid ipad spell check.

I am a firm believer that real love takes time and cannot be rushed via speed, online, dating even though you can be attracted to womeone initially a t first.