Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Going for the VEG!

I have decided, after MUCH deliberation, that I am going to become vegetarian again! Camilla doesn't eat meat (really), and I am just sick of the way it makes me feel! Wayne has gotten me all "rawled" up about planting a small garden in the back yard (since the tornado knocked down that tree and we have some sunlight). I won't fall off the wagon this time though, once I am done, I am done! If Wayne still wants meat, I will buy organic (as we have been), but I will not be eating it with him.

Part of this decision comes from my yoga practice....true yogis are not supposed to eat meat; it conflicts with the beliefs and practices. If I am going to take this seriously, then I can at least give up meat for good! I mean, honestly, what harm will come of me giving up rotting carcass? ;)

The most daunting task will be to pack Camilla a healthy lunch everyday. Her daycare is really slacking on providing healthy meals/snacks. I bought her a lunchbox yesterday! :) So, now I am looking up ideas online to keep everything new for her, but still be yummy enough that she will eat it up. The STUPID part of it all, is that her daycare won't heat anything up for me....so that's another challenge. I have a thermos, but I am REALLY worried about whether things will cool off enough that it might make her sick. Then I'd feel like a real A$$!

But I will make this happen. It's easy for me, I have a microwave and LOVE salad. No problems there. Feeding a 22mth old will be a little more of a challenge! So, I'm off to do more research....and try to find a way to get rid of the indigestion that my ravioli Florentine gave me!



Jacklyn said...

From my own experience in dealing with not eating a lot of meat, vitamin deficiency is the main problem I face. Of course, I have a lot more reason that I cannot absorb those. However, the main thing I suggest first is getting a full blood panel by you doctor showing where you vitamin and mineral levels are at. Also, every six months get them rechecked to make sure you are maintaining those levels. Other than that, I believe that you would do fine with the amount of veggies you eat. It would be good to increase your dairy intake for extra protein and calcium.

Gigi Henson said...

First off- To Hapi, thank you for commenting on my post, however, I took it down, because I do not allow "spamming" on my blog. I hope you will understand.

Jack, can't do dairy-that would make it non-vegetarian. There is plenty of calcium in soy milk (I checked, and for every 8oz, you're getting 30% of your daily intake). Plus, we're all taking multi-vitamins just to make sure we're getting everything, every day. ;) Iron can come from our leafy greens (not to mention protein), and I'm still doing plenty of research to make sure I'll be cooking a really good dinner each night.

Anonymous said...

I think i am too much of a picky eater to ever fully commit to this.