Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Do I have a booger on my face?

The strange looks I get from people when I ask that my daughter get healthy food at the tender age of 21months! In the past, I've gone completely vegetarian (meaning that I did still eat cow cheese and ate a few things that contained egg on occasion), but we decided that we loved sushi too much. We turned to organic foods, so that we at least knew we were eating clean food (free of chemicals/hormones/freaky mutating ingredients). Now, I am completely conscious about WHAT we are consuming, and I STICK to my guns about this.

Wayne is a grown man, and while he sticks to whole grains and organics mostly, if he is craving his chocolate or something strange, I don't give him grief about eating it. He's 41 and in control of himself. My daughter, though, is a whole other story. While I was allowing her daycare to provide her lunch, I have noticed a FULL-FORCE downfall in their level of healthy foods. 3 days in a row, my poor child ate Pop-Tarts for a SNACK! And yesterday, they tried to feed her hot dogs! I am LIVID.

This morning, when I AGAIN talked to the teachers about NOT allowing her to eat these things, (and mind you, it's in her FILE that she's NOT to eat PROCESSED SUGAR {no cookies, cupcakes, icing-laden anything}, NO JUICE, and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES-HOT DOGS/VIENNA SAUSAGES/LIL SMOKIES. The cupcake thing is only excusable IF it's another child's birthday.) *See, I'm not horrid!* ;) the ladies standing there just looked at me as if I was speaking Chinese. Of course, this IS the same daycare I see parents delivering their 2 year olds with McDonald's for breakfast.

Camilla eats one of a few things for breakfast, depending upon her request- whole grain waffle with either strawberry preserves (organic) or peanut butter. I put very little topping on, but I know she's in that phase where everything is cooler if you can dip it, or it has something layered on it. She also has Kashi cereal bars or these other yogurt-covered cereal snack bars (both are organic and naturally sweetened). She LOVES Special K cereal, and while I don't feel that's quite fitting for her age, she prefers that over any other dry I let her have it. We also have cottage cheese or cold yogurt on occasion. She has grown fond of whole oat oatmeal as well.

It just irritates me that parents don't seem to care about health or all of the CRAP that is in food that is convenient. Our "quick" meals consist of garnet potatoes, carrots or other veggies and baking some sort of vegan "meat" in the oven, or vegan corn dogs and sweet potato fries, or healthy pizza. COME ON! When is it EVER ok to stuff sugar and artificial chemicals into your child's mouth PARENTS??!!?? If you are THAT lazy, you don't deserve a child! If you are that busy, you need to MAKE TIME for your child. Wayne and I both work full time, but ensuring my family is healthy and provided for is my FIRST priority!

Anyway, I have decided that I will research and start packing Camilla's lunch each day. I will not risk the laziness of her daycare feeding her junk! I cannot!

**climbs off soapbox**



Camille said...

All the chemicals in that crap is part of the reason we have kids with behavioral issues and diabetes and obesity! When I was the manager of a weight loss clinic, I had a father bring in a very overweight 9 year old. He proceeded to tell me that the only thing his kid would eat was Taco Bell. I asked him how his kid was getting Taco Bell when he lived too far away to walk and he was too young to have a car or a job to pay for Taco Bell. Duh!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, most parents today are just plain lazy or ignorant. Doesn't get more complicated than that.