Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WOW, it's been almost TWO months!

And here's what I've been up to (am I eating up those pro writers for using contractions like that?-LOL):

My modeling career (or lack thereof) has been a freaking roller coaster! I've had tons of shoots, had to cancel most of them because my poor toddler has been teething constantly for the past month. I've had family in and out; had to deal with a little family drama; husband hurt his ankle in the middle of a home reno. WOW, it's crazy.

So those few factors, plus my own allergy attack for the past THREE weeks has had me on edge. Wayne, Camilla and I have hardly had any we take turns with the illness/teething thing. I believe last night was the first time in over a month that she hasn't woke up screaming with teething pain or a fever! I woke myself up checking her to make sure she wasn't running a fever, and my tickle cough woke me up at least every 2 hours! BUT, I felt like a princess because I felt like I'd slept a little better. Wayne is another story altogether.

Speaking of home reno's-we've decided to turn our back patio into a screened-in sunroom. In the summer, we'll have shade and screening to keep out bugs; in the winter, we'll have panels to go over the screening so that we can enjoy without freezing! It's BRILLIANT! I love my husband! :)

I'm going to keep this short, as I'll attempt to get a meaningful blog up later. I've missed several hours of work, so I guess I need to get some actually work done! ;)



Bianchii said...

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Gigi Henson said...

I'll def check it out! Thank you for visiting my page; hope you enjoy!

And, your English is great! ;)