Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My "super food" and its many uses....

As we are told, olive oil is one of those MOST amazing things. I call it a "thing" because it falls into so much more than just a food category! Ask me how I use EVOO?

SKIN CARE-I have incredibly chapped lips. While I am normally ashamed to tell you this, first I'll explain "WHY". When I was little, I had (what is now called OCD *obsessive compulsive disorder*) a habit of pulling at my eyelashes when I got stressed out. I also twirled on a strand of hair at the nap of my neck, and I would bite my bottom lip. While I still have OCD, my compulsions have changed a bit, but I cannot get out of the habit of biting my lip. I do it when I am extremely stressed, or if I am in VERY deep thought.

Olive oil has saved my life! I will dab a bit of it on my lips and gently rub-instant moisturizer! And yes, it works wonders as a daily moisturizer for your face. I use a 2-way method though, so that I can clean and moisturize at the same time....

Take a teaspoon and pour about 1/2 with olive oil and add enough baking soda *or you can use sugar* to make a loose paste. Dab into your hand and gently rub onto your face. Massage lightly (remember, there is baking soda in this and it's exfoliating your skin. SO DON'T RUB HARD!). Rinse with warm water, but again, don't RUB your face. Just rinse enough to where you no longer feel grit on your skin. There should be enough olive oil left to moisturize your skin through the day. BUT, there is NO sunscreen, so make sure to apply if you go out in the sun!

HAIR-Lately, my hair is running on the dry side. I've been drinking TONS of water, and making sure I've got good conditioner. BUT, that's just it! Did you know, that just like taking a medication for so long, your body can build up an "immunity" to it. If you don't switch up your hair products, eventually they will stop working.

I have naturally curly hair, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pantene's "curly hair" line. I'd forgotten about this "switching it up", and with an 18mth old running around, I've been pulling my hair back in ponytails. BIG NO-NO! My hair was beginning to break and the top of my hair looked awful. I knew something was up because the ends were healthy and looked great.

Over the weekend, I bought a new conditioner and decided that I would wash my hair with a little warm water and paste of baking soda (only). I got an all-natural lavender based conditioner that contained Shea butter. LOVE the smell, by the way (but I cannot remember the name of this stuff to save my life!). I washed my hair in the kitchen sink (yes, I do that!), and saw my bottle of olive oil sitting behind the stove. So I thought, "what can it hurt" and threw some on my hair right before wrapping it up. Mind you, I only used about 2 tablespoons, and my hair is quite long (between my shoulder blades) and quite thick. I worked it into the ends and the parts of my hair I know are heavily damaged.

WOW, what a difference. This morning was only my second treatment, but it's remarkable how soft and back to normal my hair is! I'm sooo happy. Olive oil is some amazing stuff! Just be careful about the amount you use for your hair, you don't want it to get "greasy" looking!

It's not just good for your heart and skin when eating it, it's good for esthetics too! ;)

Keep checking back for more "Super Foods" and their multi-uses! :)



Confessions of an Insomniac said...

Good advice on changing up the conditioner. I am struggling with frizzy curls right now myself and need a change. Sounds like I know why now :) Hope you are doing well. Love you!

TEA aka MonsterGirl said...

I always always hear about trying Olive Oil in my hair but i'm always nervous to try, but you are right what could it hurt? I think I will finally try! good post =)

Molly said...

Interesting! Never knew about the lip thing!

Bloggzilla said...

Is there a brand you can recommend or use? I'd love to hear more about this.

Gigi Henson said...

Bloggzilla, I use Bertolli most of the time (because they sell indutrial sized bottles of it at our local Sams Club). I have used something as simple as the EVOO generic though-it works just as well. :)

Ladies, if you're trying it, let me know what you think. I've been nursing a sick hubby and toddler most of the past month and 1/2, but I plan on getting back on track with these blogs!

Anonymous said...

Fascinating, i only ever liked olives on my sanswichs though.