Friday, January 28, 2011

Food for Thought?

Ok, this week's sensation, but nothing shocking.....Taco Bell and their lawsuit! Really?!!??!!? Today, I ran across THIS and I couldn't help but post a blog!

People are SO quick to sue these days, and I mean, they will SUE for anything! Remember the lady who sued McDonald's over HOT COFFEE? Really? I mean, she would have been bitching if she'd gotten the coffee and it was cold!

Folks, did you not hear the words "fast food" and realize that NOTHING falling under this category is good for you? Even the "salads" that you eat, thinking they are healthy, are probably filled with either loads of fat, carbs, or something NASTY! You cannot possibly believe that something "convenient" is going to be healthy? The saying is, "if it sounds/seems too good to be true, then it probably IS."

Most of you know my stance on healthy eating; RARELY will you catch me eating junk, NEVER will you catch me eating fast food! Does this look "healthy" to you, little alone, APPETIZING?

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I can't say it enough....we eat meat on occasion, if we want it. For the most part, my family eats fresh, organic veggies. Wayne & I are scared to eat at a restaurant for fear of the unknown (anymore). I'd rather stay at home and cook, and KNOW what we're eating, than to think about whether we're even eating REAL meat (and I mean 100% healthy, uninfested, clean meat).

So, in this story I linked above, you have 2 different government agencies saying that there's no lawsuit, a dietitian backing that the "mystery beef" passes code, and the national media dashing the hopes of (probably) 10's of 1,000's of people who are suing a fast food joint for being disgusting!?! I'm here to tell you people, the government is IN on all of this! They want you to be unhealthy and sick; if you are, they are making their money! I recommend some homework this weekend: rent/read/watch the following-
          *Skinny Bitch  (this book changed my LIFE)
          *Fast Food Nation
          *SuperSize Me
          *Food Inc



Jim H. Moreno said...

Right on.

Confessions of an Insomniac said...

Add "In Defense of Food" and "The Omnivore's Dilemma" to your list. Both are by Michael Pollan. The Omnivore's Dilemma transformed my eating habits.

Gigi Henson said...

Jennifer! YESSSSSSSSS, "The Omnivore's Dilemma" is another good one! I'll have to check out the other book.

Confessions of an Insomniac said...

I have it if you wanna borrow it. I can give it to you the next time I see you. When on Earth will I ever see you again, woman? Maybe we can do lunch or breakfast some weekend (weekdays are too busy this semester) ... you, me and Camilla?

Gigi Henson said...

OH yes, girlie! That would be fantastic! I miss you like HOLY WHOA <3

Anonymous said...

I hate taco bell with a passion, always found their foid nasty since i was a kid.