Friday, October 1, 2010

The Good Deeds in October!

Fellow GAMERS, GEEKS and good PEEPS....October 16th, my friend Jim H. Moreno is playing video games for 24 STRAIGHT hours to raise money for The Childrens Miracle Network. Let's help him out by donating here. Everyone that donates, and emails me PROOF that they donated,will be put into a raffle to win an autographed POSTER of yours truly from my shoot next week. I'll even let the winner choose the photo! You'll be able to view pics from that shoot HERE. You may have to be a Facebook member to "fan" me, but I'll have those pictures up as soon as the photographer gets them to me! :)

I  also want to mention, my SUPER sponsor, Hot Rod Tattoos is doing their annual (4th annual at that!) pink ribbon tattoos for $25.00. You can also stop in and donate money. You can get location information at the bottom of my blog page! They're located on South Memorial Parkway, just down from Rosie's Cantina, in Huntsville! Go see the guys, and make sure to tell them Gigi sent you!  ;)

OCTOBER is Breast Cancer Awareness month-get examined, be it self-exam or seeing your doctor!

Take care of you and the ones you love! Have a safe and fun weekend. I hope it's as beautiful where you are, as the weather here in Bama is GORGEOUS!



Anonymous said...

Wow, you can play video games for charity? I'm in!