Thursday, September 2, 2010

What I Saw-Playboy's Miss Social competition

A dear friend sent me an email, and in that message there was a link to a competition; Playboy's Miss Social. While the "Playboy" part of that scared me a bit, it was a "non-nude" contest, and the perks seemed cool! A buzz went around in my head, thinking "WOW, this could be a foot in the door for my blog and writing in general!", and I was honestly excited then. I talked to my dad, to my husband, and to a few other friends about their feelings and got NOTHING but support (which I wouldn't have expected less, but still?).

So, I joined the fan page, asked my friends to help support me, and low and behold, I was actually chosen to be a contestant. Now, I thought that they just picked every girl that showed interest, but I later found out that wasn't accurate. Not EVERY girl that wanted to participate was actually on Playboy's list of contestants (SCORE)!

The contest seemed simple enough; NO affiliation with Playboy, NO nudity.... it was basically a "keep it clean" competition with simple rules. Voting would be via text messaging and we were all to promote ourselves via "the social media", and that is how the eliminations began....

First off, I want to THANK everyone that supported me! I have an amazing network of people, and even those who could not afford to text did so; those who could not text, supported me via word of mouth. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I got a few emails during my short run with the "big dogs". I was a bit offended at first, because these people seemed mean and crass, but after a bit of "going back and forth" I quickly gained a bit of respect for them. I won't go into detail, but they made me realize (through later events), that they were RIGHT and I was not cut out for this sort of competition.

The first day of voting was a beautiful Saturday....Wayne and I were driving Camilla up to her grandparents in TN, and I was Tweeting and texting to Facebook to get my votes in to make first cut. And then we had that horrific car accident. By the time we made it back to Alabama that night, I was emotionally and mentally exhausted, and I knew my heart wasn't in it. I sent out an email and status updates to Twitter and Facebook that I was renouncing my spot. I was a bit sad.

It was disappointing, the first few days after my announcement, seeing all these girls having SO much fun. Thinking back on it though, my head was in promoting my blog/writing, making some connections, and just the fun of it, while other girls were all about partying at the mansion and posing nude in the magazine. THAT was never my intent, nor was it my understanding of how things were to go if you won?

And then, the gloves came off, and the nails were promptly sharpened! Accusations flew, name-calling began, and these ladies turned into some of the scariest and ugliest people I've ever seen. MIND YOU, I'm not saying this about everyone, but I saw promises of nude pics (and WORSE), offers of "I'll take you to the mansion with me if I win", it was horrid! I didn't WANT to compete with that! I would never lower myself. (AND again, I'm not saying this was everyone, but YOU know who you are!)

While I am the first person to admit, if this is what Playboy has become, I DO NOT want to be a part of it! I remember hearing, reading and sneaking to look at BEAUTIFUL pictures of barely air-brushed, all natural women, and thinking "WOW, this is AWESOME!" I kind of feel like Playboy has gone downhill a bit. There seems to be this air of "trampish-class" that I just cannot fit into, not that I'd want to? It appears to be just one notch above Penthouse now.....sadly enough.

Now, I'm not judging, but I was on the wrong end of "social" I idea of social isn't partying in bars, shaking my 1/2 dressed butt. Some girls are cut out for that, and make it look fun even, but it's not my cup of tea....

I will admit, the 2 finalist are women that I can see taking this to a good place though; they are both classy, naturally beautiful women. They seem strong, intelligent, a woman I would WANT to see in Playboy! Take back the classic Playboy, ladies....make it good again! ;)

*this blog is all in fun; I'm certain I will get a cussing from someone, but that's ok....just as I aired my opinion, I will respect yours (just be kind-some younger people DO read this). You can feel free to email me personally if you like ;)



Anonymous said...

I had lots of fun supporting you, even if you didn't win.

Gigi Henson said...

Thanks dude! I made top 15 the second 2 times I actually entered. I almost want to say that I had close to 1million votes between the last 2 competitions (which for me being one of the oldest gals in the running) isn't too shabby!

Anonymous said...

Anytime, i am not surprised at all actually and ready to do it again when your ready.

Anonymous said...

I have a good friend in the contest or what I thought was a good friend. The contest has made one of her less agreeable qualities worse. That is the only reason I have been involved in or have any knowledge of the contest. I have noticed that it seems many of the girls claim to be nice but end of selling their souls to creeper old men for the votes they give them. It just seems sad.