Thursday, September 9, 2010

WHAT am I thinking?

In the famous words of Rose DeWitt Bukater Dawson, "Wasn't I a dish!?!" (Titanic-1997)

That was ME, at the tender age of 21, working on my portfolio. I did a little modeling from the time I was 18 until I turned 27. For some strange reason, almost TEN years later, I find myself wanting to do it again. Maybe more along the lines of something more artsy and grown-up, but it's eating at me lately.

Honestly, I would LOVE to get back into acting....and THAT could be what I'm feeling. Between that and teaching yoga, I could make a modest living, surely! And then, I'd have more time for Camilla and Wayne, and our home life! Being stuck in an office for 40+ hours a week, and the driving time to drop Camilla off at school and driving to work-GOD, do you know how much time you waste of your life? Really....

So, I'm actually slated to work with this awesome photographer already; I'm going to pay another photographer for her time....I'm thinking of putting together a portfolio again, and see if I can get some work! Modeling, acting, I played Lara Croft one time....I can do it again! ;)

What do ya think?



Anonymous said...

Wow, you do look like her and i am all for it. I guess you feel more confident in your body now.