Wednesday, September 29, 2010

shoots and pics and make-up, OH MY!

SO, the modeling idea seems to be paying off (well, hopefully so!). I'm getting warm receptions from both Model Mayhem and Broken Doll; I've got one shoot in stone, and about 10 to work out; 2 paying gigs in the works (one of these ongoing). I'm pretty stoked!

I'm giving an official SHOUT OUT to Laura Aust, Jim Moreno, EVERYONE who supported me during the short stint of Playboy's Miss Social, Johnny Miller, and to my lover and our daughter! These people have sparked something in me lately that made me wake up and realize that I CAN still do this. With a little age comes wisdom; this time around, I will KNOW how to manage myself and realize when a situation is wrong, or when someone is just using me! I am MUCH wiser to the business, and I know how to promote myself.

I will have many, MANY updates over the following weeks, so stay tuned and check back!

I LOVE announcing that I'll be doing something special for October's Breast Cancer Awareness. Details will be posted as soon as the project is complete! Get ready to open your wallets, won't be disappointed! ;)

ALSO, I want to pay special attention to Jason Pauls and the boys at Hot Rod Tattoo (my featured sponsor-see their ad at the bottom of the page) in Huntsville. They're getting geared up for their annual Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon drive. ALL pink ribbon tattoos are 25.00, and ALL of the proceeds/donations go toward aiding a woman here in Huntsville who is fighting breast cancer. GO see them; I did the first year Jason did the ribbons!

Ok, time to gear down for the night!



Jim H. Moreno said...

Drive on, my beautiful friend, drive on!

Jacklyn said...

You are going to do fabulous! You are very talented and beautiful. If they cannot see how great you are then they are just going to be losing out. >HUGS<

Gigi Henson said...

awwwwwwwwwwww, YOU GUYs! ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome, i still have laura on my fb page but haven't talked to her in awhile.