Wednesday, September 15, 2010

~Do All Things With Love~

If you google this quote, two things become the dominant results; a quote from Corinthians (Bible) and Og Mandino. If you ask the average person their thoughts, you'll probably hear something similar to a Beatles song sprout from their mouth...."peace, love and hugs for all" ;)

I now give you my take on the subject:

I've mentioned (on more than 5 occasions) that I really strive to be a positive person, to be that girl that makes an impact wherever she goes. Lately, I've been more negative and stressed (and NO it isn't because of lack of sleep or the baby, OR anything for that matter). I've discovered after some soul-searching that it's just stupid stuff that I'm letting get to me in a VERY wrong way! I am ashamed of this behavior. There is too much riding on my being the better person and showing NOTHING but compassion and positive light!

THIS being one of the BIGGEST reasons!

My family needs me to be happy and loving, not stressed and negative. I should remember this every minute of my life! If the idiot who cuts me off in traffic is in that big of a hurry, I will let him go. I don't need to spike my BP level getting angry and cussing him. He is an idiot, and that's his trouble to deal with, not mine!

My life will be a TON better when I can realize this on every's another step I'm taking to get myself back on track here; to being a better person! I welcome it with open arms.

BUT, my friends, don't think I'm going to get all mushy and love LOVE love; I will still have my wit! I will call it like I see it-if you're an idiot, I'm still going to let you know. It will just be dismissed with grace, as opposed to a string of verbals that would make a biker blush! Getting back to my ladylike roots is a must! But a Southern girl I am, so don't think that I am giving up my convictions!!!! ;)

Anyway, my point is, "do all things with love"; have a positive attitude (it's healthier for you and everyone around you), be graceful when you want to cuss at someone (not only does it make you stop and think for a second, but you'll most likely change what explicative you were about to pop off to something more civil), and remember that someone is obviously taking things a little too serious when life is JUST TOO SHORT!

Live for the moment, Love like nobody's business, Laugh because it's contagious!



Jacklyn said...

I, personally, have seen you grow. You are one of my best friends and I see you striving to make your life happy and trying not to let the small stuff affect you from whats important. Good attitude and just believing that all things will work out the way they are suppose is the best way to do it. Much love and always HUGS for Wayne, Loli and you!

Murray said...

I know I haven't known you long and I still don't know you very well, but I think you have accomplished your goal. You always have a positive outlook and your posts always make me smile.... PS We really need to hang out again!

Gigi Henson said...

Thanks ladies! I love you both, and YES Murray, we definitely DO need to hang again VERY soon! ;)

Anonymous said...

Took me a long time to realize this as well.