Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beauty in depth?

I love art! It's been said more than a few times here, and for those of you who know me....well, enough said! I'm not ashamed to admit that I find beauty in atypical things, as well as things that American society has deemed "taboo" or "inappropriate" (that's my Southern roots talking!).

Let's discuss exhibit A: the human form! I am a sucker for artistic nudity! I love the play of light and the human body; curves and shadows, the ability to create something appropriate from something that most of us are taught from birth is just the opposite. I've always been mesmerized by it, and I am fascinated with those who can make a body more beautiful by capturing it in a photo. People, if we were created in "God's image", then a naked body shouldn't be inappropriate, right? I'm just saying!  ;)

So, can someone please explain to me how some of my favorite artists are being banned on Facebook for creating ART! Jennybird Alcantera, and another that I've just spent an hour looking for her name (damn my scattered brain!), and there are several photographers that take BEAUTIFUL pictures. They cannot display some of their BEST work because Facebook has a nudity policy?

While I (somewhat) understand and respect this, it's very frustrating that a photographer is hosting a workshop to teach her AWESOMENESS to others (along with a plethora of talent), and Facebook is banning her posts and the link because it's glamour and nudity (involved)? There are NO pictures that I saw that were "inappropriate", and I've seen WAY worse, TRUST me!

People, YOU need to get the stick out of your behind and MIND your OWN business! I'm going to plaster Jaden's link here and anywhere else I get the opportunity! DEAL with it!

Spots are going FAST, so check it out, and show your support....she's uber talented, takes beautiful pictures! I hope to work with her some day? The link is www.bluelotusworkshops.weebly.com/birminghamal-oct.html

You'll hear more from me, but I'm getting tired and the wee tot is waking up, soooooo



Anonymous said...

"women's bodies are built for beauty, men's for utility".