Monday, August 30, 2010

I wish I'd taken pictures!

Yesterday, Wayne and I packed up Loli in the Kia and went out for a few errands. Our first stop was to Bed, Bath and Beyond, as they had this "in sink" dish drainer I wanted. We decided, while there, to walk around and see if we could find "baby proofing" stuff. We walk around the corner (and as you know, these places are FAMOUS for having "seen it on tv" products), and there they are.....


Camilla immediately throws out her little arms, so I let her "pet" them. She SCOOPS up a puppy, and breaks its neck she's cuddling it so hard! I laugh, and pet the Pillow Pets head, saying "ohhhh, good pup-pup" as she is strangling this poor stuffed animal! :) But then, I try to take it away from her....she won't let go! I picked up the ladybug (thinking something RED to distract her), BUT's this dog or nothing!

The BEST part of all this: when I'm pulling on the dog, and I mean I'm putting some effort into this, she gets this pursed-lipped smile on her face. She's thinking in her little head, "I must smile so mommy will let me keep it!" and at the same time, she's putting all her strength into making sure this stuffed animal does not slip out of her little arms! It was CLASSIC. Needless to say, I bought ANOTHER stuffed animal for Camilla....welcome to the household "snuggly puppy".

I'll post a picture tomorrow of her HUGGING her puppy! At least he will love her (thanks Myles and Poo!).


Jacklyn said...

I want one really bad too! The Ms. Sassy Cat and the Comfy Panda for Murray. I know they have an "Nutty Elephant" which would be great to, but the Ms. sassy Cat is SOOO cute!

Anonymous said...

True love, i remember my favorite stuffed animal too.