Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Guilty Pleasures

Now that Lost is officially off the air (meaning NO new episodes), I have found myself watching less and less TV. Grey's, this past season (and really the season before), has been lacking something "WOW", and I just haven't been as into it?

Maybe it has more to do with being a mommy now, and not really having the time or energy to watch TV. Usually after she's down for the night, I find myself wanting to clean house, go to sleep, or actually sneak some time in with my lover! AND get your minds out of the gutter; we usually end up battling it Wii-style! ;)

BUT, I must admit, I love the summer for one simple reason: TRUE Blood! I have been watching from episode 1, season 1 and have not missed a single Sunday yet!

Image courtesy of Tropical Toxic blog

I absolutely love True Blood, in ALL of its GORY, sexual, blood-lustingly creative story! HI, my name is Gigi, and I am an addict!

BUT, low and behold, I have been an Eric Balfour fan for quite some time. He is a musical whiz, GREAT eye candy, and an activist for all that is good in the world-one to be reckoned with! ;)

This summer, SyFy has teamed up with an amazing cast AND Stephen King (who I have been reading since I was EIGHT!), to give us Haven. Check local listings, but here in Bama, it comes on Friday nights at 9PM CST. While the show hasn't honestly BLOWN me away, it's quite suspenseful, and I am looking forward to its progression (so SyFy, don't pull the plug on this one-some of your current lineup is HORRID, and I will BAN you for life if you pull Haven)! And again, we have lovely eye candy for a cast-just check out these beautiful (and talented) people!

The cast of Haven-courtesy of SyFy.com

So, there you have it! My weekends are covered! ;)  On Friday nights, I have a date with Eric B. and the cast of Haven....and Sundays are spent with the town of Bon Temps! Enjoy; I know I do! ;)


Jim H. Moreno said...

Bah. Gave True Blood a four episode chance, and it just didn't catch my interest. Granted, I could go all day looking at a scantilly-to-no-clad Anna Paquin, but other than her, I found the show dull. As far as vamp shows go, Angel is so much better, even without any nudity.

I agree with you about Haven, though. I'm diggin' it so far.

Murray said...

I don't care for True blood either, but I am addicted to a vampire show myself: Being Human. It start it's second season on BBC America last Saturday. It is amazing! Great characters, hot actors;), and a fabulous story! You should check it out.

Where Pianos Roam said...

I don't watch much TV either. For me, you wind up spending most of your waking hours watching other people do something with their lives. It's not particularly productive. I try to limit my TV time to 2 hours at the most, with an occasional HGTV marathon. My life is quite full. :-)

Anonymous said...

Didn't haven get cancelled?