Monday, July 19, 2010

It's beating me in the BRAIN-PAN!

Savage Gulf (South Cumberland State Park)-East Tennessee 2008

The past few mornings, or EVEN during the day for that matter, I have been feeling that overwhelming nostalgia....FALL! WHY? It's confusing me beyond understanding. I love the air of Autumn, Halloween, the colors, everything beautiful snuggling down for a Winter's nap....but it's MID-JULY?

I noticed it maybe Wednesday or Thursday of last week. The hubz and Loli had gone to bed, and I was putting up laundry, and trying to tidy our bedroom a bit. I settled down in the bed, watching t.v., and all of a sudden, I felt it....I would have SPRUNG from the bed to look outside if I'd awoke from sleep, but I KNEW it was a real feeling, and I also know that it's JULY! Over the weekend, each night, as it quiets down and everyone's asleep, I feel it again.

Does this mean Fall is coming early? Am I being "warned" of a Winter full of snow and crazy weather? Lord, I hope so!!!!!!!!!! It's LONG overdue, and I think Camilla will LOVE playing in some snow!



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Hate fall, love summer.