Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The House on the Hill

Imagine rolling hills and nothing but think you're driving up into the mountains as the breeze grows a bit cooler and your entire body relaxes with the scenery.

WE have found such a Utopia....disguised as a rundown farmhouse in a TINY "community just a bit north of our current location!

I present to you, The House on the Hill

And while the house is HORRID on the inside, it's still PERFECT!

Wayne and I have looked at this property twice now, and neither of us can get it out of our head. This morning, I called the realtor to find out if we might put a trailer on the property until we could renovate. The inside is just AWFUL, but it's all original hardwoods and most likely trim work. The additions were obvious to be "DIY" and poorly done, but all fixable!

The downfall to all of this; the house is technically in foreclosure with the bank....they are just allowing the realty company to try to sell before having to repossess and auction it off. I WISH I knew how all of this works; I wish it were possible to approach the bank and ask them instead of going through the real estate company. But that man was SO nice to us, I hate to cut him out of the picture entirely! Butler Realty is a GREAT company (that we've seen so far-VERY accommodating).

So the weekend was uneventful and relaxing-the ONLY way I'd have it! I didn't finish my yoga test, but I will have plenty of time this week, and I already have most of my paper to submit laid out in my head; I know exactly what I want to say! Sooooo, that's in the bag mostly! :) OH, and we did let Camilla play in her pool!

Nothing new on the family front, other than Camilla has decided that she HATES baby food, so we are going to slowly transition her to all solids (with the exception of breakfast; think we'll still keep her on cereal and mixed fruit for a bit). With 2 meals a day of solids, I want to make sure her little system can handle it all. But I will most likely buy her some sort of cereal (Kix or Cheerios) for her snacks, as she is even starting to reject the Gerber bites and puffs? Next she'll be crawling to the toilet and pulling her diapers off all the time!



Confessions of an Insomniac said...

The house looks awesome from your picture :) I would hate to have you 40 minutes away from here, but I would not blame you for going for a dream that is so nicely priced!

Anonymous said...

You scared me at first, i thought you said the House On Haunted Hill.