Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Operation Booty Tone

After losing all the baby weight I want to lose, and losing along with it 3 pant sizes, I've decided it's time to start TONING! My booty and flattening my tummy again, and I will be ONE happy camper! :)

So, this week begins "Operation Booty Tone":
-2 sets of 10- alternating forward lunges
-1 set of 10- alternating side squats
-2 set of 10- pelvic thrust (this is where you lie on the floor, knees bent and pull your pelvis toward the ceiling and hold for a count of 5)
-1 set of 10 (per leg)- side toe tap
-1 set of 10 (per leg)- rear toe tap
**in between each exercise, I would do a forward bend for 15 seconds to help stretch the muscles in the backs of my legs and my booty. I'm not sure if this is as accurate a stretch as can be done, but it worked for me (so do a little research about your stretches, and ALWAYS remember to stretch even with the simplest of exercises!).

Of course, we're still and will always be eating healthy. but I must get more water! While I was pregnant, I was drinking 9 to 10 24-oz glasses a day....now I'm lucky to drink 3! BAD Gigi....just BAD!



Confessions of an Insomniac said...

You are funny! You never had 3 pants sizes to lose. Don't get too skinny on us. Have fun with operation booty tone :) When did you want to start running?

Gigi Henson said...

Jennifer, WOMAN, before pregnancy I was a size 10....now I'm a 6, that's 3 ;) hehehehee

NO, I am still at 140 (or 138 some mornings), so I'm not losing any weight, it's just shifted around somewhere? BUT, I have "board butt" right now, which isn't working for me! I'm used to being told I have a "J-Lo booty" (mostly up there, but not as hippy as her!) LOL

I'm looking for shoes right now...going to hit up New Balance when I get paid Tuesday, so let's plan maybe 2 weeks from now? You must be patient with me though; my lungs are OUT of SHAPE fo'sho! ;)

Anonymous said...

What kind of water?