Thursday, June 3, 2010

I've been knocked off my schedule!

Camilla got THE WORST diaper rash at daycare, yesterday. :(  She was miserable for HOURS after, and each time she would use the bathroom, she shrieked....which made me VERY unhappy with daycare! Upon talking to them this morning, though, we got everything resolved. Hopefully, there will be NO MORE diaper rash!

Having said that, between the raw bottom and her gums being sore, she didn't sleep very well last night. Because of said diaper rash, I didn't sleep well; I kept waking to check her diaper and make sure she was dry. I even managed to put salve on her while she slept! Needless to say, we slept in this morning.

Wayne is picking Loli up from daycare today. This is good for 2 reasons; I get to make up some lost time at work, and he just needs to make an appearance there every so often. It has me a bit off my kilter's 20 minutes to 4 and I'm still at work! STRANGENESS..................



Anonymous said...

I'm really glad, i'm no longer a baby.