Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In the beginning-Yoga style!

I cannot wait to get started teaching! OH the fun I'm going to have....

Yesterday (6/1), when I started writing this blog, I was going to dish ALL the details about my upcoming yoga class....but I've decided to keep it a secret just a bit longer. I promise, you're going to love it though! :)

I'm looking to start teaching sometime around mid to late July, or the first week of August (at the LATEST)! VERY exciting times, I tell you.

On other notes, I am not sure about adhering to this whole "line up" that I made. While it sounds great in theory, I am WAY to scatterbrained to stick to a "schedule" like that! I don't have enough "back-up" content to last me if I do not feel like writing about yoga or whatever. Soooooooooooooooooo

I've decided that I'm going to dish about organic living! You've heard me go through the motions (and some of you even followed me for a while) of being vegetarian, and how great I felt eating ALL veg....Organics are just as good! Maybe it's because we just don't eat a lot of meat, but the TASTE alone of eating organic-it's just AMAZING!

We've been shopping at a local grocery where we have just as many organic options as anything else. We've been buying organic EVERYTHING! From meat to produce to teething remedies for Loli....I've been going crazy with it. It makes me happy, just knowing.

My other obsession lately is making things for the house; cleaners, beauty products, laundry detergents. I baked 2 more loaves of honey wheat bread just last night. Tonight, for dinner, we're having free-range organic flank steak (marinated in juice and spices) that is slow-simmering in the crock pot with organic collards and a HUGE chunk of that bread with some garlic butter! MMMMMMMMMMMMMM

I know it's a regurgitation of what I blogged about the other night, but I just cannot get the message out about how eating organic can change your whole attitude! :)

Yes, we use disposable diapers, but we TRY very hard to make that be our only fault; we recycle, we're eating organic, even trying to grow a few tomatoes of our own! Making an ALL-natural, chemical-free detergent, and using natural products to clean with around the house....when I type it all out, I realize that we're doing more than most people without even making an effort! :) YAY for us!!!!



Anonymous said...

It's funny how in ancient times it was all about the artificial products as life is flawed, but now people are moving more towards an organic lifestyle.

Anonymous said...
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