Monday, June 28, 2010

The hubby's into it!

As is tradition, Wayne and I pile Loli up in the car for our weekly grocery shopping adventures. This past week, as we are browsing through the veggies at Target, I decide to get a package of tofu. While I'm over in "that area" looking, Wayne walks up behind me and grabs these. I looked at him kinda funny and told him they were vegan. He said he knew, but was craving a hot dog and thought we should give them a shot.

My mind wanders back to actually BEING vegetarian, and remembering how NASTY the MorningStar "sausages" we tried were....I felt a little nauseated for a minute. But into the basket they went. Tofu and VEGAN dogs in our cart, WHAT was happening here?

On the way home, Wayne explains (after our LONG 2 weeks of one of us being sick to all at the same time), that he thinks maybe we've been eating a little too much "animal" and that we should try to cleanse ourselves! SWEEEET, I'm all about being completely vegetarian again! I love Bacon Salt (completely Vegan), and I could do without meat (except for that grilled steak every-so-often). I'm up for the adventure again.

We have been without "animal", with the exception of an egg in something I've cooked or the milk in Wayne's coffee, for almost a week now. I switched back to almond or soy milk 3 or 4 months ago. I am waiting for the "OK" from the ped to put Camilla on soy milk. I doubt I'll ever allow her to touch cow's milk (unless it's organic and HER decision).

I won't force vegetarianism on Loli, but I will encourage it. Since it's what Wayne and I will be doing (mostly), it will be second nature to her. If she decides later in her life that she wants a different path, that is her choice; I'll allow it. I doubt she'll find a need for eating meat though.

BUT, I'm here to tell you, if I start craving that grilled steak, OFF to EarthFare we go!  ;)


Anonymous said...

Vegan dogs? Now i seen everything.

Anonymous said...

Friend had the same idea too, better than welfare and food stamps.