Monday, May 10, 2010

What went down, and new line up coming!

Hope all the mommies out there had a wonderful day, yesterday! Wayne and I went up to TN to see his mom and take Loli for her to see; then we went over to my family's for a cookout. Everyone had a great day, except Loli (on the way home). She was snoozing, and she woke up screaming. She had such a wet diaper, I SWEAR it weighed 5 pounds when we took it off her! She was fresh and dry when we left Portland, and by the time we got to Columbia exit, she had this HUGE diaper full of water (well, pee, but FROM water!) heheheee. Changed her, and then she went from fussy to happy until we reached our exit and got her home (about an hour later).

All in all, it was a magnificent day for me; there were a few hiccoughs, but aren't there always? ;)

SO, I have decided, since I am ALL OVER with my blog, I will have a line-up, so that my readers can decide which days they want to read. Hopefully, you're reading EVERY post, but if not, it's all good; I still love you all, and appreciate you beyond explanation!

Monday-yoga/yoga certification updates
Tuesday-Loli/Wayne day-when you get to hear all about family stuff!
Wednesday-Rant day; this day is when I will hop on my soapbox and let her go!
Thursday-Art day; either my updates on things I'm painting, or reviews and "introductions" to some of my favorite (or upcoming) artists!
Friday-Mentions day; I'll showcase local businesses/blogs/outstanding people/musicians
Saturday-not certain, but most likely will just be a "hey, we're good" and maybe post some pictures
Sunday-Sunday Morning Slowdown (freestyle day)

SO, there you have it....I won't blog about yoga today; I have some bills to get paid and get my office cleaned up (we're moving to another building soon), so I'll start with "Loli/Wayne" day tomorrow!



Mary Ann Pine said...

Hi, Gigi! First time on your blog and I have a couple of questions. So, are you getting your yoga certification? How do you suggest a beginner get started with yoga? I love yoga, but the show I record on tv is really difficult and I am done after about 15 minutes.

Can't wait to read your rant!

Mary Ann Pine

Gigi Henson said...

Hello Mary Ann! When you're asking about "getting started", do you just mean practicing yoga, or learning to teach (for certification/accreditation)?

I am just getting certified right now. Laws vary from state to state, but most require that you get certified, and then study under someone who has accreditation with the Yoga Alliance, in order to open your own studio. Again, this varies from state to state.

I am hoping to find a mentor, so that I can take my credits to the limit, and possibly travel to teach others who want certification. But we'll see. For now I'll be happy to have a small class that I can teach from my home or other location (rec center/senior center).

I started out going to a friend's yoga session. It was SO amazing! I bought a few dvd's myself, but I haven't found anything that compares to getting into a class. To me, there is a difference between having someone correct your posture and help you to fall into a pose correctly, and praying that you're doing it right on the dvd! You need that interaction to get the full effect! ;)

I would suggest finding a class where you are....there is nothing more important that doing yoga correctly, instead of trying to mimic what you are seeing on tv! It could actually be harmful!!!

Feel free to email me further, if you have any questions! I'm really loving my classes....I'll help in any way I can! ;)

Thanks for reading :)

Anonymous said...

How did you come up with the nickname of loli?