Wednesday, May 5, 2010

They're my PEOPLE! It's my home....

Even though I've moved from Tennessee, over 90% of my family lives on the TN/KY border, SMACK-dab in the middle of the two states! Marrying a country boy from there, my extended family is ALL there too! The floods that hit MS/TN/KY on May 1 & 2 have DEVASTATED TN and KY. I know that MS got hit too, but I haven't been able to hear about as much, not knowing anyone who lives there.

It makes me SICK....I just cannot tell you. I was pissed before this happened because the oil spill in the Gulf was being put on the back burner, but NOTHING of these floods that have displaced and killed. I DO remember hearing someone on the Weather Channel mention that the devastation in Nashville was WORSE than that of New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina....but where is the FAST ACTION to take care of my people?

I received this in my inbox on FaceBook just a few minutes ago; I can't stop crying!

"Andrea Zonn: My friend Kathy Chiavola summed it up pretty well:

Writes Kathy: "Almost everyone I know has damage from ruined basements to a total loss of home and possessions. National news has ignored us due to the priority of the other stories. You cannot believe what we've been thru, what we will be going thru for a long time and the priceless archival treasures and musical instruments that have been lost... See More.

All interstates were closed for at least two days. All businesses and schools, universities were closed. West End under water, sink holes now appearing there out of nowhere with unsuspecting drivers crashing down, taken in ambulence to hospital, Vanderbilt Children's Hospital closed (now open), Vince Gill lost $3,000,000. in guitars.....the largest rehearsal facility and musical instrument storage in town flooded, Gibson guitars flooded.....incalcuable loss in musical instruments for every session player in insurance....grand ol opry flooded......Roy Acuff museum flooded.....opryland hotel flooded.....charlotte pike was a disaster, over 600 boat rescues......Bellview a disaster area.....Franklin, Dickson, Pegram, Clarksville, Bordeaux, downtown, McCabes golf course three blocks from me looked like Percy Priest Lake in a one had flood insurance....thousands homeless....My friends recording studios destroyed. Brick homes picked up and thrown into the road or floated down river where there had never been a river......we received the equivalent of maybe 15 feet of snow.....a normal four month rainfall in two days. That's the tip of the iceberg. We're overwhelmed."

People, Red Cross is donating $10 for every text of "RED CROSS" to 90999. If you did it for Haiti, YOU CAN DO IT FOR YOUR OWN COUNTRY! For your neighbors.....You can dig through your stuff and find things you aren't using; they've lost EVERYTHING, so ANYTHING is good enough! Please, I beg you, if you can help in ANY WAY....please do!



Anonymous said...

Oh they totally ignored it, it's part of the reason why i never watch the news anymore.