Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

All is quiet in the Henson is fast asleep, and my lover is lying peacefully beside me.

An amazing few days have passed! Wayne and I have been shopping at Earth Fare lately, and I cannot tell you how STOKED I've been since we walked through those doors. I have been an on-again/off-again vegetarian for the past 4 years, and I can tell you now that I don't worry about it anymore!

While I DO care about the welfare of ALL animals, it was more of a health issue with me; all of the hormones and CRAP that goes into the feed for cattle and chickens and's just disgusting! Finding free-range meat around here was DAMNED near impossible. THANK YOU, Earth Fare, for saving my life! :) Now that I am a mommy, it has become even more important to me, to see that Camilla is eating PURE foods and nothing but Nature's best!

Even more important, has been my quest to detoxify our home-no more chemicals, either in our food or our home! I've switched to making our laundry and dish detergents....I'll be concocting our shampoo/soap/toothpaste, ALL of it. Not only is it cheaper, I KNOW what's in these things if I'm making it here at home, so I know it's pure for Loli! I've used vinegar to make our rinse aid for the dishwasher and as a cleaner for the house; the laundry has never smelled better (but that has NOTHING to do with the vinegar!)....and doesn't even need fabric softener anymore! It's amazing, and it's cool how much money we'll be saving in the long run.

For example, I made my first loaf of organic, whole wheat honey bread today-WHOA! I couldn't believe how soft it was, and how super YUMMY! And for a FRACTION of the price that I'd pay for that kind of "gourmet" bread in a deli! I will be promptly baking 2 more loaves tomorrow! I may even start baking loaves to send to friends and family. Thanks Apryl H., for whomever sent the recipe to you...I will forever be grateful! Not to mention, peeps, that she's an amazing photographer and mommy! You should check out her blog! ;)

Over this holiday weekend, I've made organic berry cobbler, guacamole, cucumber/dill salad....there's an endless menu, NOT to mention my hubby's grilling of free-range brisket and the yummy steaks that we had last weekend! I am convinced that we were truly meant to be organic, not necessarily vegetarian! We don't eat a lot of meat, but knowing that our cows were happy, roaming, grass-eaters makes me happy and very grateful! *I'm even sipping a glass of organic shiraz right now!*

So much has inspired me lately, and seeing my little girl LOVE the foods she's eating (especially because she's just started eating "table food"), makes me OH SO HAPPY!

Making an effort to be healthy has made such an impact on my life....I am looking forward to the journey!

On another note, Happy Memorial Day....hug a vet; be grateful for our freedoms....pray that they last and that we continue to have a voice! As I type tonight, I can hear fireworks going off....I will assume from Redstone Arsenal? Otherwise, someone is having an awesome block party and forgot to invite us? ;)

Goodnight out there....I hope you've had an amazing weekend too ;)



Apryl said...

Glad you like it! My kids eat it faster than I can bake it!

Confessions of an Insomniac said...

I really need to check this place out ... I need to go grocery shopping soon anyway :) Food should be enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

I want to know how to make my own homemade soap.