Monday, May 17, 2010

Bendy Mondays!

So, my reading isn't going as well as I'd like....but I think I'm getting Camilla back into a pace at night where she's in bed by 7, so hopefully that will change a bit!

I've been doing much more stretching, getting routines down in my mind, and jotting notes so that I can see how the poses will flow once they're all together! I've been watching different videos to get ideas. Still working more on the anatomy side of yoga, since I feel that is VITAL once I begin teaching. My observation of others positioning and flow will be important in making sure they're getting the proper stretch!

I wish I had more to report on this front; there's just A LOT going on....I'm hoping to be able to report some good news out of the mystery, but we have to wait and see! ;)



Anonymous said...

My grandma was a huge proponant of it and lived to be nearly ninety, so i can learn a lot from your thoughts on the subject.