Monday, April 26, 2010


I have to start out like this: my little sister got into some CRAZY trouble...hopefully she is OUT of that trouble, and will take the events of the past month and a half and LEARN from them! Thank you, to everyone out there, who prayed when I asked for means so much to me!

Studying is slow-going, but I am reading. I am hoping that in the morning, I will get up and be diligent about doing sun salutations and a light routine to get my mornings going. It is SO hard to get out of bed when the wee one is snuggled up to me though. I am addicted to baby cuddles!

I am hoping to find a good TFP photographer out there (in Huntsville, or close by) because I have decided to humor a few friends and get back in front of the camera! I DO miss dressing up; and now, I have WAY more confidence than I did at even it might be fun! Know someone, email me!

This one is short; I'm actually off to read a few pages of my book so I don't fall too far behind!



Anonymous said...

I admit that i would never have known what tfp had i not helped out some of my modeling friends in the past.