Friday, April 2, 2010

It's a LONG, hard struggle, but I WILL prevail!

This transition is already hard for me. I am dealing with personal stress (yes, I know, we ALL have it), and it's still VERY hard on me to leave Camilla each morning. Many mornings I will stay in bed while she's sleeping, snuggled up to her and be late to work because of it! Parenthood is an addiction beyond anything I can describe. Camilla LOVES to cuddle up to me now, with one arm over me, the other tucked under my arm, and I'll curl my arm around her....GAH, it's heaven on Earth!

I have decided that MY first task, delving into a more positive lifestyle, is to learn to control my emotions/temper. I've let it go, and it's VERY out of control! I have this disregard for ignorance and stupidity, as I feel both are a laziness that can be overcome. I tend to cuss other drivers and people that I see in public (under my breath, mind you!). *I believe my best friend said it right when she blogged about "An Inferior Race". *

So, I find myself taking a deep breath, while in my car, and saying to myself "Positivity" as I breathe in, and "All negative OUT" as I exhale. I'm sure it's hilarious, but it works! It keeps my temper at bay a little, and I don't feel like strangling the ass that just tried to tear my front end off, because the FIVE MILES of nothingness behind me wouldn't let him over! But, I will never argue that traffic here in Huntsville ROCKS compared to that of Nashville!

I have the support of loved ones, and a good lead, to begin yoga certification. I KNOW that this will help with the pent-up energy that is invading my body! Yoga is the MOST amazing thing ever created (outside of my lover and our daughter)! I believe my body is at a point where yoga will be my friend and lead me down a WONDERFUL path! I cannot wait to begin my teacher training!!!

There are other developments that I am hoping turn out in a positive way. I am scared beyond description, if I decide upon this journey. It offers as many "cons" as it does "pros", but the significance of those pros....sigh. So, I find myself STUCK in limbo. I need to meditate; I need to cleanse not just my soul, but the very materialistic nonsense that is cluttering my life!

Yes, that's right....another positive in my life; we're having a HUGE yard sale next weekend. They say it's a good thing to "DE-CLUTTER" your life in as many ways as possible! ;)

Happy Friday peeps! Happy Easter!



Jacklyn said...

I have noticed myself slipping in the getting irritated easily department. With stuff that I cannot control that is. When you said traffic, I immediately thought of myself this past few weeks.
Part of me wants to blame my back aching and when I am uncomfortable its just GRRR! Its just an excuse though. I know I have the choice on how I can react to certain thing. I cannot control traffic and what people are doing in their own car.
I, too, am going to start being more positive in traffic and just refocus on what I know I can control and not worry about what I can't.
Besides, pain or no pain, I can still be positive.

Gigi Henson said...

Jackie, my love....I wouldn't consider pain to be an "excuse". YOU have NO control over the pain your body is putting off! The only way we can control that sort of thing is with meds or homeopathic options, or with physical therapy. You cannot just tell your body to behave.

I am just bitchy lately! ;)

Confessions of an Insomniac said...

Don't be so hard on yourself ... I never see your temper, but I suppose that does not necessarily mean that you don't have one. I know how much you love yoga, and I think that is great that you are going for it!

Do you want more stuff in your yard sale? I have lots of junk :)

Anonymous said...

Brillant blog that you linked, so much so i felt compelled to comment and give it praise which i never do with strangers.