Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wii Wii Wii, all the way home! OFFICIAL REVIEW

We broke down and bought a Wii. Since we have the baby now (and I honestly NEED to tone up), it seemed like a perfect investment! We would be entertained at night, plus get a bit of a workout, AND Nintendo is FABULOUS for their line of child-friendly games.

It took me a while to find one though. I made several phone calls and looked online for (literally) HOURS! Finally, a truck comes in at Target, and I am only 7 minutes away! I rush down, and begin to scope out games, accessories, etc. Grab a sales person, memory card, another Wii-mote and nun-chuk, found Sports Resort (because I KNOW it has ping-pong and kayaking on it), and the sales lady grabs my Wii.

Although, I will admit, it took us a day or 2 to hook it up, once we did....well, I was hooked! I honestly think we've played Wii almost every night after we've put the baby to bed (sometimes while she watches-she LOVES to watch the Mii's running around).

**Here we are, getting ready to play PingPong!

The game console, itself, is light-weight and slim. I love that you can stand it up, or have it lay down, like the PS2. The controls are comfortable, well-designed and easy to use. We had NO problems figuring out how to install and set up the entire system. The Wii comes with a sports game, but we have not played that yet....

We had to bust out Sports Resort! Here's a rundown of the games we've played so far:
Ping Pong-SUPER fun, extremely life-like (you can spin the ball, pull of some awesome dives, backhands).
Bowling-THIS is my fave so far; you can hook the ball just like real bowling. Wii also makes a bowling ball for this game!
Frisbee-The game began frustrating me off the bat! But you have a few games inside the Frisbee section; pup frisbee (where you throw frisbees on the beach for your lil pooch to catch to score points) or DISC GOLF....that's right, I said it! Woo Hoo!!!!! Disc Golf is THA BOMB!  'nough said ;)

I could go on about the others that I've played for all of 2 seconds, got mad and BEGGED Wayne to turn the game off, but I'll play them legit and get back to you on my thoughts! *this is why you shouldn't drink and play a new video game* hehehehee

All in all, I am very satisfied with our investment so far! Good family fun! ;)  Plus you actually move, you aren't just piled up on the couch (or in your fave gaming chair)! So, you're getting exercise. I'm hoping for Christmas, Santa brings me the Wii Fit Plus (or if someone out there wants to donate one to me....I'll gladly accept your gracious gift!) ;)



Corey O'Connor said...

I absolutely loved the Wii when I had it (it went in 'the move'). I have the ps3 now which is incredible, but I sure do miss the Wii. Great fun with the kid!

Gigi Henson said...

I'm hoping we can buy a few more wii-motes before long. Then you and lil bit can come over and we can all play! :)

Corey O'Connor said...

if i bring my mini Mii over.. you'll never get him away from the games :) We have extra Wiimotes btw

Gigi Henson said...

SWEET! I can't wait to meet your boy! ;)

Confessions of an Insomniac said...

I have only played Wii a couple times, so you will have to let me come over sometime to catch up on the game playing!

Gigi Henson said...

ANY time, girlie, any time!!! ;) Beer and ping pong is REALLY fun...hehehe

Anonymous said...

I grew up with nintendo too and you can bet my childrennwill too, if i ever have any.