Wednesday, March 10, 2010

LOST and lots of catch-up (and NO, I don't mean the condiment!)

Let's get this out of the way FIRST! WHOA Lost.....I just cannot get enough this season; maybe it's because in 11 episodes, it's OVER (whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  **sniffle**????)

Poor Ben Linus! Only once or twice since his arrival on Lost, have I actually felt sorry for him, but last night was another instance. I can relate to feeling like no one wants you, NO, NEEDS my heart kind of reached out to him last night when he told Illana that he was going to find (faux)Locke because he was the only one who'd have him. I honestly thought she was still going to kill him as he followed her back to the beach though. He did (afterall) kill Jacob (thanks Miles!).

Anyone wanna comment on their fave highlight of last night's Lost?

Well, I guess we're officially launching Bonafide Custom Woodworks site this week! I am going to be working on getting some quality pictures up, starting up a Facebook page, and getting Bonafide's site going.....SO, if you are in the mood for a custom piece of furniture, give us a shout! I'll post details on here also, once everything is green!

Took Camilla for her 6 mth check-up last week; she weighs in at 16.9 lbs and is 27 1/2" long.....can you say TALL and LANKY (just like her mommy!) ;) Yes, it would seem that along with the baby weight, most of my curves are disappearing, leaving me with my high school skinny figure (which is a blessing AND a curse)!

Here she is playing outside...she's going to LOVE the outdoors!

G-maw came down this past weekend, for a visit and to give Wayne and me some time together. We SO enjoyed having her down; I'm sure it was hard for her to go home after all the comical acts by her granddaughter! (just like her DAH DAH)



Anonymous said...

Get her on a wnba team.