Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fitting a niche-Positivity in your life.

I am ashamed to admit, over the past 2 years, that I have lost my way. I was heading down this path where I felt myself growing, both spiritually and mentally. I was volunteering my time to help people, working out....I felt as though I was making a difference! Somewhere, I lost my light and fell off of that path?

Now, I am finding it again....

It is too important that I gain my footing and get back to it! I have a daughter, who will hopefully look up to me, and I want to be a great mentor to her. I need to find myself again, to find that life that made me so happy (not that I am UNHAPPY; I am just lost and I know it!). I hate when I've let myself down, because I automatically assume that I am letting everyone around me down as well.

There have been events, over the past month or so, that have made me realize I am falling fast. I refuse to allow negativity or darkness to take over. I love my family and my life too much to succumb to anything outside of light and positivity! I will NOT let anything less reign my "kingdom". ;)

How does my path begin?

From the first "go-round" (because it seemed to work SO well), I began by pushing out all negative things (people, material possessions, attitude). I know that you may think it harsh to just "push" people out of your life, but it isn't. You must remember that they are bringing negativity into your "space", and it's their choice to change that. If they do not want to change the negativity, then they do not love you or respect your space. Think of it like someone who smokes; they know you do not, but they light a cigarette up in your house, and puff away....filling your house with stinky smoke! This is how I look at negative people: wallow in your sorrows if you must, but don't drown me in your "mess"!

Health became a big issue with me. While Wayne and I are healthy beyond most expectations, I wanted to change my diet and exercise more. This began with becoming vegetarian. While I do not know if I will take on that challenge again, I will DEFINITELY eat less meat. Those poor animals die so tragically and alone....the karma alone could make anyone miserable! Plus, it's very hard on the body to digest meat. Most of the time, it is BARELY digested (supposidely, this is one of the biggest reasons your poo stinks and is stiff). I just cannot bring myself to give up seafood and bacon though? Yes, look down on me if you must!

These two things will begin my journey.....I will begin posting progress every day. Should make for a good blog once or twice a week!?! Who wants to join me?

Spiritual and physical cleansing for all.....



Jacklyn said...

I know that I have made a lot of changes myself and figuring out who I am and what I need to do for myself and how I want to be.

Eating meat is one thing I know I need, but not certain kinds. Since I have such an issue with red meat, I eat fish (main meat choice) and chicken (rarely). I do supplement my diet with protein rich foods like cheese and peanut butter though. Bacon I do not think I will ever be able to give up. LOL!

Pushing the negative people out of your life is also a must. How else are you going to maintain your own joy and happiness? Don't need a negative Nelly in your life.


Gigi Henson said...

Jacklyn, you've come SUCH a long way (down a VERY difficult path). I am proud to have been able to see your transformation! You were a beautiful person before, but you've grown more comfortable in your own skin, and that has made you blossom SO MUCH MORE!

Love you!

Confessions of an Insomniac said...

It is okay to take a turn every once in a while. We are human, and we get lost. Sometimes you find that the place where you wanted to go in the first place is not the place where you want to end up.

Anonymous said...

It's been a lifelong struggle for me too. Yay, fun facts about poo. Lol