Thursday, February 4, 2010

What gets you in the MOOD?!?!?!? CONTEST give-away

So, I did mention that this month's contest would be just in time for mushy 'ol Valentine's Day! :) I'm feeling the love today, so here's the deal: Tell me your "ideal" (notice I didn't use the word "perfect") date with your someone special. I WANT details (OH, but NOT too much info), people....and then I want you to name the song that would be playing as your "soundtrack" during that special moment!  ;)  Here's an example....
    "Candlelit dinner, picnic-style, in front of the fireplace! Big fluffy pillows serve as our seats, as we feast on sushi and sake, laid out perfectly on our blanket. Dave Matthews plays softly in the background, as we giggle and feed each other. Good conversation, lots of laughter, and just being together!"

Or something like that....I don't wanna hear "your dirty little secrets", but let me know what would be your ideal time with your "person"!

Contest is for a $25.00 Victoria's Secrets e-gift certificate. I will use again to select the winner. ONE entry per person, and YOU MUST HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS in your COMMENT! Anyone who comments without an email address will be disqualified! Any duplicate entries will be disqualified! Contest starts NOW (2/4/2010 @ 1:30pm CST) and runs through Friday night at 10:00pm CST. Any comments posted after that time stamp will not qualify!

So, shout out peeps!  ; )

~Ciao, and LOTS of thanks again, for all your support!


Sarah said...

Hmm ... My perfect date would be full of lots of laughter and good conversation. I am not too picky, and depending on my mood and how much money I have in my pocket depends on whether I want to stay out or in! But because of your last blog, and talking about how expensive it is to go out now, I will stick with IN - So ... Start the night off by cooking dinner together, probably a nice pasta dish, or steak, and a bottle of wine, good conversation during dinner then cuddling up on the couch with a big brownie sundae (see how fat we are LMAO) and watching a movie!!! Nothing too fancy!!! SPAWITHSARAH@GMAIL.COM

Jacklyn said...

I would have to say that my perfect date would be a night with dinner (in or out. Depending on how we feel). Then a movie, play/music function going on. After that, back home to sit and talk about the evening and life in general. Snuggling and just really enjoying each others company and presence.

Rebelcoachwife2 said...

My perfect idea of a perfect date with my husband would be a carriage ride downtown snuggled underneath a warm fuzzy blanket gazing at the stars holding on to eachother .Afterwards, we would go to a quiet dinner in a restaraunt where maybe only 6 other couples are there. Then we would go dancing while Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight" would play. We would then go home and snuggle watching a hilarious movie, and laugh so hard that we cried

alli said...

My idea of a perfect night would be going out into the city for a nice dinner - finding a nice corner table and talking about anything. Then a walk out in the park together. Finally going home and fall asleep together watching a sappy movie!

northssclub at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty simple too and can get on board with all these ideas.