Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Time of Spring

As a warm breeze blows against my skin,
Gentle as a lover's kiss....
The scent of honeysuckle lingers
Like mist....and I think of you.

The stars dot the spring night
As fireflies dancing in the sky.
Crickets sing praises of the
Warm summer to follow.

We dance, as cherry blossoms
Float through the air.
Under the full moon,
You kiss me deeply....

The spring brings time:
Time for Rebirth,
Time for Love,
Time for Growth.....

©Angela Henson  2010


Wayne said...

Love your words. I think about all the times we have spent togther over the years. Would not trade them for the world. Love you, need you, miss you. You open my heart like the early morning sun opens a tulip.

Anonymous said...

How very valentine's day.