Friday, February 19, 2010

She's a monkey!

Last night, I put Loli to bed in her playpen. She slept there for about 2 hours before waking up. Since our HVAC broke the other day, and we're running on electric heaters, I put her in bed with us (which I do most nights; we're transitioning her from sleeping with us to sleeping in her own spot, thus the playpen in our room). She sleepily smiled at her dahdah and me, and then laid her little head down on my chest.

AND then she started wiggling, turning her head this way and that...shifting from one side of me to the other. She tossed her head in the air and arched her back, so I gently let her roll over onto her back (which put her laying on my stomach). Limp as a rag doll; legs UP and another roll. So I let her. She laid there, almost asleep, wiggled again and positioned herself, and fell asleep. FOR ALL OF 5 MINUTES! She wiggled and thrashed around again, until she was laying in my lap, head on my knees and her little feet on my stomach. AND then she came to a complete rest again. She laid there for a while....

I noticed a grin creeping on her face every once in a while, and she'd pick her head up and turn it from one side to the other. She's only 6 months old, and already she knows..."if I make them laugh, the world is a better place!"