Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ramble ON!

So, there's been a lot going on lately....plans of building a shed in the backyard, finishing the privacy fence, all that's going on with Bonafide, trying to get up to Tennessee to visit....the list goes on and on! AND, on top of that, it's almost spring...which makes me want to drag everything out of the house and knock all the dust and dreariness of winter off it! :)

BOTH Saturday and Sunday, because of the BEAUTIFUL weather we had here in Alabama, Wayne and I decided to get Loli out of the house for some "fun time" and fresh air (and Wayne has FISHING FEVER stronger than ever).

I forgot to bring her pacifier with us, which proved DANGEROUS, because she got a little grumpy due to sore gums. I promptly bought more pacifiers to keep in her diaper bag while we were out! But, on a good note, I got these AWESOMELY cute pictures of her....

Telling her DAH that she's ready to go with her cuteness!

She was almost asleep...thank you rustling leaves!

We played a little, Wayne got some work done on C&D's kitchen cabs, we spent quality family time together...all in all, it was an excellent weekend!

Roll in Monday; paint isn't drying on these cabinets (but that's ok, we have a tiny bit of time left), things are starting to "slap us in the face" so to speak....we are tired of our neighborhood; it doesn't seem to "fit" anymore. The signs (you are asking): things keep breaking, we don't really enjoy the company of the 'hood anymore, it just isn't feeling like "home", but like a house.

I know that I'm longing for spring breezes that don't carry the sound of rap thumping through the neighborhood, of not having to listen to our neighbor cuss at his family when he gets drunk enough, of not watching Wayne bust his ass to make grass grow in our backyard when it just won't for some reason....I don't want to be afraid of Loli playing in our yard! Plus, the schools aren't so great in our division.

We just want to be out in the country, AND I swear, I never thought I'd hear myself admit that (guess I am a country girl at heart).

SOOOOO, if you know of a house in North Alabama (prefer Meridianville north, or out around New Market...somewhere close to the Flint River would be ideal!), PLEASE email me!

REMEMBER, Lost is on tonight....blog tomorrow (where I EXPECT to hear some theories); I'll be taking questions from Fans of www.facebook.com/gigitotherescue and here on my blog!



Anonymous said...

Never been to alabama, but had a friend there who has since lost touch with me.