Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Each episode of this season has me ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT! I just cannot get over the surprises and the twists (but of course, with this being the LAST season *sniffle...we have a lot of things to wrap up).

Not that it really shocked me one way or the other, but JACK has a SON? Wow....and they did a GREAT job of casting the child! Now, do we know if Sarah is the mother (Remember her in previous epidsodes? The blonde that Jack "saved" and promptly married...).

That aside, back on the island, we learn that Jacob is still haunting Hurley and Claire is alive (and possibly following in Rousseau's "crazy lady footsteps). I have 2 questions....WHY has Jacob picked Hurley to be his "puppy" and WHY did jack have a come-apart upon finding out Jacob is stalking him? I mean, does Hurley REALLY possess a gift when it comes to "seeing dead people" (do not channel "The Sixth Sense" here), or is it his good-natured gullibility being used against him? I'm still curious what Jacob was doing to the "water" in the temple when Hurley walked in.....

WHAT if Jacob isn't who we have all thought....WHAT if he is the EVIL........
AND, ohhhhhhhhhhhh creepy....Faux Locke is Claire's "friend".....2 recruits down!

Shout out peeps...What did you think of last night's "Lighthouse"?



Anonymous said...

Yeah, i really need to check out this show now.