Monday, February 1, 2010

Keeping it here at HOME!

Since Wayne is at home, busy with the baby, I'm posting this (until he can actually get on here to blog). It really hit home with me this morning (my evil Gemini is in control today). I'm a little disappointed to not see more comments on Wayne's FaceBook page regarding this, but HOPEFULLY most of his people are at work, or don't access the net until later in the day. It's VERY valid, and a really good topic for discussion!

Wayne's words: "Does anybody buy American made products anymore? Is there such a thing as American made anymore? The real question is does anybody care about where our stuff comes from? If I have an apple tree in my yard, I won't be buying apples from another country when I want to bake a pie."

I remember, back only 3 or 4 years ago, vowing to buy ONLY American made products! BOY, was I shocked to learn that most "normal" stores (ie. Wal-Mart/Target) sell very little "Made in the USA" products. Yes, granted, they are hard to's very disappointing to know that an "ALL AMERICAN" store doesn't sell US made products! (or at least MORE of them)

So, I'm doing it again....If I have to BUY EVERYTHING off the net, I am only buying locally-grown, organic produce (and hopefully meats), and ALL things USA (as much as I possibly can)!  It's the ONLY way our economy is truly going to recover, and unemployment will diminish!

I challenge you to do the same!



SarahD1229 said...

I Love This Idea!!!!

Confessions of an Insomniac said...

This is easier said than done. I guess it depends on your definition of locally. It is almost impossible to eat locally in this part of Alabama and this time of year. I suppose there are ways if you are really creative. Then, you have to start dissecting everything you eat from flour and sugar to bananas. Even some of the ingredients in foods that you get locally will be imported from other countries. The only way to be certain not to get that is to eat only whole foods. It is sad that it is such a challenge. I commend you for your efforts. You will have to let me know how that goes! I can join you in your efforts loosely, and say that I can vow to eat "more" locally grown items and "less" imported foods.

Gigi Henson said...

I hear you Jennifer! It's nearly impossible to get Alabama-grown produce, even at the farmers market (which is supposed to BE local farmers!) I hear Decatur's farmers' market is mostly locals...maybe we'll have to trek there once or twice a month!

I think just making a conscious effort would help though! It's like going to the store to buy a t-shirt....most of them aren't local, or EVEN made in the USA anymore! It's shocking (especially with ALL of the cotton we grow around here!).

Confessions of an Insomniac said...

I will go to the Farmer's Market with you. Let me know when you are going :) Sounds fun!

American One said...

Check out &

Gigi Henson said...

Thanks American One! I'll check it out ;)

Anonymous said...

Noble gesture, but the damage is done and this is the century of the dragon.