Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Things I do....Guys, your time to chime in!

While I have NO clue about "what men want", I think I am pretty close to being on the money entertaining Wayne! I also know the things that I do to annoy him (whether I do them on purpose or not will remain a mystery!).

I'm REALLY hoping to get feedback from the men in my life (and readers of my blog)...I may even try to talk Wayne into being a guest blogger, and filling in the gaps for us ladies!

Ok, so here goes "clueless" giving her 2-cents!

What I do:
  1. I love to cook-BUT, is food TRULY a way to a man's heart?
  2. Keep myself in shape-yep, I'm hung up on the fact that attractiveness (AND I'm not saying "skinny" or "muscular" just that you feel good about your looks) makes for fun behind closed doors. Besides ladies, if you don't FEEL sexy, you won't portray it for your man!
  3. Encourage "man dates"-yeah, I know that's borderline strange to say, but I used to get upset when Wayne wanted to "go get his man on". I have grown to realize, over time, that guys need THEIR time too. And it's always nice to know that you have a night apart. Even if it's only once a month, ladies, let him go...your relationship will THANK you!
  4. Massages!!!-While I haven't given a full massage in a while...if your man works hard, get him in a hot shower, put on some soothing music, throw him down and spoil him with a full body massage! (Guys, get your minds out of the gutter! This is the CLEANEST way I could say it, so don't give me grief)
  5. STOP asking him what he's thinking about!-I still catch myself asking Wayne if he's ok or if he's mad....I've been told guys HATE this? Is it true fellas?
  6. SUPPORT your man-always know what's in his heart, encourage his dreams! Let him know you support him in everything, and make sure you tell him he's appreciated!
  7. Take out the trash every once in a while!-WHY do we think it's the MAN's job to take out the trash? You are just as capable....Wayne will clean the dishes or vacuum for me in a the least I can do is some of the "manly chores" for him! ;)
Ok, folks, I'm stopping right there....Fellas, I'm really EXPECTING some feedback here. Have I missed it altogether?



Corey O'Connor said...

1. It doesn't hurt
2. I think this is relative to each person/relationship.
3. That's refreshing to hear, virtually impossible in the real world. Women spend the first 20 years dumping every clingy guy they date, only to try to make the guy who didn't 'cling' become clingy after saying "I do".. You women crack me up..
4. I have no idea what this is like. I'm a big 'spoiler' of women and I've found the women I attract, who enjoy being spoiled, simply are not very good at returning the favor.
5. You should really have a national ad campaign and preach this over and over. VERY true.
6. There is nothing worse you can do than turn your back on him when he thinks he has your support. Most men, through a variety of experiences, grow to truly trust few people. Once you wind up off that list, you may never make it back on. I'd say this is a major component of communication breakdown.
7. Although this gesture is sweet, I think a more important distinction is to not keep a 'scoreboard' of what you're doing. By and large, it is a game you don't wanna play because whether or not he realizes it... he has been.. So if you're a guy who does the dishes, takes out the trash etc and your women 'reminds you' she took out the trash twice last month... it may spark a reaction neither saw coming :)

I have a few additions.

8. Wear sexier clothes from time to time. Not really an issue in my relationship, but I know from other guys that is a big problem for them.

9. two words: mouth hugs

10. On the days where it REALLY doesn't matter to you where you go, eat, shop etc... don't complain about his choice. You may never get an honest opinion again.

that book is fantastic

Jacklyn said...

Every guy I dated LOVED my cooking. There were only a few times that my dish I cooked was not a winner.

Keeping in shape is always a good thing not just for them but, for yourself. Not saying there are not happy marriages out there where people are on the heavier side but, by being in shape and taking care of yourself you can be there longer with your partner.

Time with the guys is very important for them. It helps their self-esteem and it also give you some of your own time with your self.

Massages, YES PLEASE! Not just giving but, receiving as well. You can melt a guys heart by giving him a relaxing massage. It shows you care about their body too.

You nailed it on the head about the asking if, "Are you alright?" A guy will open up when he feels ready too. Sometimes, every now and then, you will know when to ask him if everything is OK. Most of the time though, just give them some space.

Supporting the ideas and dreams of your guy is a must too. When you know it is a bust and he does not want to listen, sometimes you just need to step back and let them fall on their face to learn. Then again, he may prove YOU wrong. :)

Chores always share. Personally, I rather do trash and dishes all day then vacuum and dust. However, if needs to be done: JUST DO IT.

Great read today!

Gigi Henson said...

Jackie, I'd love to hear your thoughts on "What makes a girl swoon" as well ;)

Corey...yes, there are other things...but some of my family reads this too, and I don't want to increminate myself too much ;) hehehehee

Thanks for the thoughts....

Anonymous said...

Man, corey stole all my answers. I honestly can't disagree with anything he wrote here.