Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ladies, what makes you swoon?

I'm always looking for ways to get my readers more active in my blogging; I ALWAYS want to hear from you....whether it's to bitch me out for something, or praise me for my thoughts! :) So, I'm going to give a few tips out there to the men, on what I think makes a girl "swoon". Ladies, I want you to PIPE up here and leave LOTS of comments...let's tell these men; they may just be too bashful to ask!?!  ;)

First of, let me tell you, I KNOW I am blessed....there are days when all Wayne has to do is smile at me, and I'm like fresh butter-soft, warm and all squishy! Just from a smile. In that smile, I see the love in his eyes and the lightness in his heart, and that makes me ever so happy! I'm getting butterflies just thinking about his smile!  ****swoooooon****

I'm just going to list the other things. I don't want to make anyone sick with all my "gushiness"  :)
The Top 10 Things that make Me Swoon: (in no particular order)
  1. That "True Southern Gentleman" mentality (I thought I'd experienced it before Wayne, but he is the epitome of a Southern Gentleman EVEN after all this time)
  2. Silly, sappiness (little notes, writing on the window or a steamy mirror, winking, mouthing "I love you" from across a crowded room)
  3. Hotness (yes, I'm talking about looks again...more accurately muscles; don't have to be large, but I love tight muscles)
  4. Open-mind
  5. Loves all things nature
  6. Romantic (and I don't mean buying roses or jewelry, I mean TRUE, heart-felt ROMANCE)
  7. When he orders for you (YES, I love when my man knows what I'm craving, or just knows me well enough to know what I want...I know it's old-fashioned, but there are times when I am!)
  8. Confidence
  9. Devotion (and not just to me, but to life in general!)
  10. The warmth from his body, when he holds you tight against his chest. You just feel like the world could explode and leave you in euphoric bliss (just the 2 of you, unharmed and in love)
So, that's my list....SOUND off ladies! *guys, I've got one coming your way too! Don't worry*



Corey O'Connor said...

a woman's perspective on what men want in a woman? this should be rich.

:D :D

Anonymous said...

I got most of those yet i remain single, well you know what they say about women from california.