Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's WAY too Early

Last week, Alabama actually got SNOW. It wasn't much, but as usual, the entire state freaked out. The Monday, before said "snow storm" *all 1/3" of it*, I overslept, and made it into work 3 hours late! Then, on the day of the snow, we were instructed to leave work early (Do you see where I'm going with this?). My boss basically told me to sleep in the next day, as we knew the roads would be a bit icy. So, all in all, I missed about 5 hours of work for the week.

I am paying this week! It's only Tuesday, and I've been at work before 0630 both days! Trying to make up as much time for last week as I can. It's the ONLY advantage to our new pay schedule. I have an entire 10-ish days to make up my time, if I miss a few hours. Hey, I just got off maternity leave, where my vacation time went from 3 full weeks + to barely 3 days! Gotta save up that time again!!!!!

Sad part about coming in this early; leaving Loli and my husband in bed! I hate leaving each morning...having to kiss them "bye" while they slumber ever-so peacefully. *sigh*

The advantage to making sure I'm up this early, is that hopefully I'll continue and start running again. Or, at least do some hardcore yoga!!!!

Good Morning World~smile, have a great day, make it all that it can be today!!!



Anonymous said...

Snow does seem like a massive inconvenience outside christmas.