Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm giddy....

SOOOO, Bonafide is up and running. Wayne has made his first official purchases under the company name; has several jobs lined up; hopefully is going to be working EXCLUSIVELY from home VERY soon! I know he's a wreck about this, but I'm (as always) backing him 1000%, and I know he will succeed! If nothing else, Loli is reason enough!

How could you NOT want to concur the world for this!!!!????!!!!

It's strange for me, feeling this excited, but I know that Wayne has wanted his own business for so long. He deserves it...he's such a loyal employee, and he's GOOD at everything he does. My husband REFUSES to do anything half-ass, and it bothers him when someone else touches anything without the same conviction!

I have learned so much from him....and I owe him so much more! He is an amazing person; it's such an honor to be his wife!



Anonymous said...

It's nice to know a woman who actually respects her husband, most of my female friends see theirs as a an annoyance at best.