Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm getting Spring FEVER!

Which means that I've got to get cracking on toning up after having Loli! I've already signed up for yoga, and I've emailed a few personal trainers to get rates. It seems as though, I'm not going to be able to afford the personal trainer....I'm hoping that maybe the hubby and I can encourage each other and be our own little support system! I, unfortunately, suck at self-motivation when it comes to working out!

So, I'm staring at these pictures of me, with a flat tummy, and I'm yearning for that figure again! I know, as always, it's superficial, but it's what I need to feel good about myself! So BACK off! ;) I know I'm beautiful on the inside, but I want to be able to wear a bikini when I jump back in that kayak in April!!!!! And I'm going to......

I'm longing for the smell of honeysuckle and wildflowers, drifiting down the Flint River watching Wayne catch fish. I ache for the warm, soft breeze to blow on my face as I lounge with Loli in the watch butterflies skipping on the wind. I can't wait to see the look on her face when she discovers the beauty of nature!

So, peeps, all over the WWW, what are your yearnings for Spring? It's right around the corner, you know?!!?



Jacklyn said...

My yearnings for this Spring is to just relax and enjoy my life right now. I mean, I know there are goals which I am going to be working on for this year. However, I want to also look forward to this spring as a time of rebirth for me in new things I am wanting to start and some old things that I want to let go. It is just deciding to start and let go. LOL!

This March I am hoping to be able to go to Washington D.C. to visit a close friend. While I am there, I am going to go do the whole tourist thing. Take my time and have fun. I will be there for a whole week! I can't wait! My first major vacation all by myself. Its so empowering. :)

Gigi Henson said...

OH're going to be there in time for the cherry blossoms! I loved DC when I went for work. I didn't get to venture outside of downtown, but there was SO much to see in town. Our first night there, my co-worker wanted me to go to Georgetown with her to visit her friends, but there were tornado warnings and I wasn't about to get blown away and be lost forever....went to the gym for an hour, and then ordered room service! S P O I L E D!!!!!

Spring is a good time for cleansing the soul....

M said...

Well this Spring I'm getting married! Yes ... M...the girl who said she'd never get married and wasn't interested in all that jazz is living the proverbial "never say never" life.

So spring really is a time of Rebirth for me. The fact that we're getting married on Beltane adds to that.

I too am feeling the longing. I can feel the warmth trying to fight off the cold and see the sunshine trying to break through the haze. I'm excited for blossoming flowers and morning walks in the warm.

And Jacklyn - GOOD FOR YOU for your vacation and time for you!

Anonymous said...

Personal trainers are a racket, better off using your husband.