Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Decade in Review

It seems to be viral...several of the blogs I'm reading are touching ground with the past decade of their life. Let me see what I can actually remember about mine! :)

2000-Started off the new year in a cabin up in the Smokies, was living in TN; got married; moved back to AL in December.
2001-Lived with my dad (Wayne & I were supposed to be saving money to buy a place); got my first job with a government contractor; had family panic because I worked for a government contractor when 9/11 happened.
2002-began working for FPMI; made tons of friends, really worked it modeling; moved into our own place (rental); traveled a lot for my job. Got my first chihuahua!
2003-some traveling for my job; promotion at job; hanging out and partying with new friends. Bought a house!!!!
2004-worked on fixing-up house; having loads of fun with friends; enjoyed marriage and life in general.
2005-still working on house; lots of kayaking and fishing; went to work for a magazine with a perv for a boss; found another job pretty quickly!
2006-still working on house; enjoying life in general.
2007-found out my grandfather was sick; found out my sister was pregnant; found out my brother was expecting.
2008-grandfather passed away; neice and nephew are born; working for charities; found out in December that Wayne and I were pregnant!
2009-pregnant 2/3 of the year; Loli born in August; sister had another baby; my dad found someone special and now they have a little one too! Have a book in process of publishing; Wayne started his business-Bonafide Custom Woodwork!

And that's a loose list of my past 10 years! In just a few months, I'll be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary! WOW....reading it, it seems tame, but boy, it's been an amazing decade!



Anonymous said...

Good idea, the decade couldn't have sucked worse for me but this one is much better.